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Walter Payton was one of the greatest running backs in the history of the National Football League. He recalls that in his first game, he carried the ball eight times for zero yards!

Freddie Benavides was told by pro scouts that he might have enough talent to play for a while with a second-tier baseball team. Benavides, who works to stay in shape year round and uses the Exercise workout and fitness techniques, was a backup shortstop with the Cincinnati Reds during his first year.

Then he went to the new Colorado Rockies expansion team where he was a starter.

Then he moved to the world champion Toronto Expos. (You’ll read his story in more detail in Exercise 6.)

Warren Moon could not find a college that would take him as a quarterback. He sent films to a junior college and got to play there. After college, the National Football League teams didn’t think Moon could throw the ball at the professional level. So he went to Canada to play in the Canadian Football League and prove himself… again. He then joined the Houston Oilers as a free agent. Even though Moon started his NFL career much later than other quarterbacks, he remains one of the most successful quarterbacks in the history of the league.

Paul Anderson looked really strange to other weightlifters. He wasn’t tall and muscular like other heavyweights. He was short and as wide as he was tall. At five foot ten inches in height, he weighed nearly 400 pounds.

When Paul went to Russia with the American team, the Russian fans laughed at him They thought he was a mascot, brought along only because the American heavyweight was injured and couldn’t lift.

At the first meet in Russia, the Russian heavyweight pressed 335 pounds, a new world record.

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Paul came out and shattered the record with an amazing press of 402 pounds! Nobody thought he was a mascot after that.

Jerry Rice, San Francisco ‘49ers wide receiver, told Dick Schapp in an interview televised in December of 1992: “I had to wait my turn. Then I dropped many balls.” Rice said it was hard for him to concentrate. “The play blog was so large. There was so much to learn.”

Schapp asked Rice if he had ever thought about giving the sport up had ever thought that he just wouldn’t make it. “Oh, many times,” Rice answered. “My teammates helped, told me to hang in there, keep trying.”

In answer to a question from a young viewer who called in, Rice said, “I don’t think of myself as special, just somebody who practices a lot.” Many people do think that Jerry Rice is special. He has scored more touchdowns than anyone else in history and is considered by many to be the best receiver of all time.

Again, never let anybody destroy your dream! “Cancel-cancel” them if they tell you that you can’t do it, and imagine yourself doing it. Remember those who have done what people doubted they could do. Remember those like Jerry Rice who even doubted their own ability but hung in there and kept trying. You don’t have to say “cancel-cancel” out loud (you don’t want to frighten the person who’s doubting you), but you must think “cancel-cancel” whenever anyone stomps on your dreams – or whenever you have moments of self-doubt.

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