Crystal Cures

With its beautiful blue hue and heightened energetic properties, it’s no wonder celestite is a popular stone amongst psychics and crystal-lovers alike. Not only will this stone add a special touch to your angel altar, it’s also a key stone to enhance your spiritual practice and makes a great gift for anyone starting out with gemstone healing. The word ‘celestite’ comes from the Latin word ‘coelestis’, meaning ‘heavenly’ – so it’s unsurpising that this stone is plauded for its association with angels, in particular Archangel Michael. What’s more, its energetic vibrations are super powerful, which makes it the perfect crystal for enhancing your ability to communicate with the higher realms. Celestite comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – whether it’s a big cluster of crystals that you can place in your house, or a tumblestone to carry in your pocket for on-hand guidance and protection – you’ll be able to incorporate its spirit-enhancing properties into your life with ease.

CALLING ALL ANGELS Celestite packs a serious punch when it comes to psychic healing powers, not least for its ability to connect with the angelic realm. So if you’re looking for some added guidance in an area of your life, such as a relationship or career, look no further than this trusty gem. Open up the portal to your angelic guides by placing a piece of celestite under your pillow before going to bed. As you drift off think about any specific questions in your life that you would like to have answered. Visualise opening your heart fully to your angelic helpers, so they know to reach out to you with support and guidance. It’s also thought that celestite can strengthen the link between you and your specific guardian angel, so be open and receptive to any messages or dreams you receive while you sleep.

Crystal Cures

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DIVINATION DEVELOPMENT In addition to bringing celestial beings closer, this gem’s strong metaphysical properties is thought to help you develop psychic gifts, such as clairaudience (psychic hearing.) It does this by cleansing the third eye, which helps to expand your consciousness and enhance your sixth sense – try resting a tumblestone between your eyes to open your mind to Spirit, you may find you hear messages coming through from the other side. Celestite also unlocks the higher chakras including the eighth chakra, also known as the seat of the soul. Found just above the crown chakra, this energy centre is associated with accessing your higher self. It can be a handy way of addressing any self-limiting beliefs or attitudes and letting them go, so try working with this gem whenever you need a boost of confidence or feel that you’re ready to get rid of any negative behaviour. The best way to harness this particular propery of the gem is to lie on the floor and place a piece just above your crown chakra (at the top of your head). Take a few deep breaths and meditate by imagining a golden light coming down from sky, going through the stone and then filling up your body.

EMOTIONAL PROTECTION With so many friends and family to visit during the festive season, your energy can easily become depleted which is where celestite becomes super useful! By keeping a tumblestone in your pocket, this gem’s calming properties can help ground you and replenish your vitality whenever you’re feeling drained by other people’s low vibes. For an instant boost, simply say in your mind’s eye, ‘All the positive energies of the Universe are flowing through me’.

The stone is also celebrated for its ability to clear energy fields and to dispel negativity – perfect for when you’ve said goodbye to your guests and you’re looking to restore a sense of balance in your home. To utilise this particular aspect of the stone, place a piece in the corners of the rooms where your guests have spent the most time. Leave the crystals there for a few days so they have time to neutralise the atmosphere. SPREAD THE LOVE If you know someone who could use a bit of luck, you can send them some healing with a celestite ritual. Place a piece of the gem near a lit candle.

Hold an image of your friend in your mind’s eye and repeat the words, ‘I send you light of healing and energy of love and friendship. May you be blessed with peace and tranquillity’. Take the gem and touch it to your third eye (in between your eyebrows) and then your heart before blowing out the candle. LOOK AFTER YOUR GEM Because this gem has so many lifeenhancing properties, it needs a rest every now and again! So regularly cleansing and recharging your gem will ensure you’re getting the most from its magical properties. It’s best left under a Full Moon overnight, but the light from any part of the Moon’s cycle can be used. Or try placing it in a bowl of hematite gems. Its surface can be easily scratched too, so cleaning it with a dry, soft cloth is best.

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