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Once you are sure that the cover of your mace is closed, put it in a glass of hot water (dip the mime in water only) and hold for a couple of minutes. This will soften your mood and will not aggravate your continuation.


If your lip pencil is dry and irritates your skin while driving, rub a little bit between your fingers before you apply. The body will softly slide over your lips, which softens with your warmth.

I am very pleased with the cream eye, but there is a line in my eyelids. What can I do?

Apply a coat of silky and transparent powder to the bottom of your dressing. The powder will keep your headlights as they are and even make your eyes look brighter. But make sure the powder is not too shiny or irritating.


If your skin is oily, there is a high chance of eye strain getting into your skin. The hardest flowing liquid eye is the pen, but it is also very difficult to apply. After moisturizing your eyelids slightly, apply a thick layer of powder over a thick liquid pencil. This will reduce the possibility of contamination the least. If you prefer to use a pencil, go over a headlamp with a small brush to fit your chair.

Makeup steps photos

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