Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Gemini Girls

Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Gemini Girls And Astrological Forecasts

Gemini, an air sign of the twins, tends to produce people who are alert, eager to travel and revolt against monotonous regularity. These characteristics evince themselves in their environment. They enjoy changing the position of their furniture, collect unusual things which usually have no particular central theme but are interest
ing or conversation pieces.

Theirs is a tendency to discount money if the article fulfills a whim. It has been said that the Gemini personality may be a headache but it is seldom a bore. Their homes reflect this imagination, duplicity and broad interests in many things rather than a deep interest in one.

Outstanding Gemini names are Marilyn Monroe, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Louis Armstrong, John Wayne and President John F. Kennedy. Cancer Those born under the sign of the Crab, a water sign, are referred to as Cancerean or Moon Children. Of all the zodiac these people are usually the most home living and protective of their family and its sanctity.

They tend to be extremely romantic, which shows in their surroundings which are often filled with antiques, dainty laces and frilly curtains. Their choice of color falls into the pastels. The male Moon Child prefers elegance which is not splash and his den is likely filled with perhaps fencing swords and rare old s rather than a case displaying modern rifles and a desk covered with risque magazines.

Famous Moon Children include Anne Morrow Lindberg, Empress Josephine of France, Pearl Buck, Ann Landers and Gina Lollobrigida.
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