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I had to really learn how that translates to singing in front of 20,000 people … Over the years I’ve learned to be more comfortable in my own skin and with myself, but the studio is still my favourite place. That’s where you find that song and you make it yours … it feels like the place where I belong. Even though I haven’t released this album yet I’m already excited about going back into the studio and starting to work on the next one because it’ll be all new material… It’s an exciting process for me finding that song in the thousands you listen to that really speaks to you and then going into the studio and making it yours.”

For Trisha one thing is clear: From the start she has set herself high standards, Cute girls hairstyles and like Garth she is not wiling to falter from that standard, never has and never will. There will always be some songs that certain people will like more than others. There will always be some music out there that people will not think was her best work, but she has never put a song out that she has not believed in and put 100% of herself into.

“There comes a time, especially when you’re in the middle of it, there will be songs that come along that you know in the moment, or you think in the moment you’ll never know what a hit record is going to be. You think this song would be really good, but I don’t love the song, so you make that choice in that moment. But for me it’s simple. If the song is a big hit and I hated it then I end up singing a song every night that I can’t stand. If you record a song that you don’t believe in and it isn’t a hit then you’ve just sold your soul for no reason … When I look back at my career I don’t see a single song that I didn’t love and I sleep good at night in that way.

If you’re really going to call yourself an artist you have to record songs that you really believe in … Cute girls hairstyles That doesn’t mean that every song’s going to be a number one record, but that doesn’t mean that song’s not just as important.”

This record is Trisha’s first on the RCA Nashville label, Cute girls hairstyles which falls under the Sony group, the same label as Garth is now on, but Trisha moved here after walking away from the Big Machine Label Group in 2014.

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