Daniel Craig Workout Routine Diet Plan

And, of course, you’re doing the nonphysical exercise that follows each week’s diet. Remember, my Beverly Hills Diet feeds ali of you, not just your physical form. If slim hood is to become a reality for your mind as well as your body, your soul as well as your stomach, the nonphysical exercises are essential.

Keep your proud sheet going; don’t stop looking in the mirror; keep playing the Sharon Assignment. Ask more than three people the questions. Use the exercises to discover your skinny self.

On Day 29, remember that the wine or champagne is optional. This can be either an Open Fruit or a Resnick Open.
Try to get fresh figs on Day 30. Yes, it does say dessert! This evening choose between potatoes, a Mazel or L.T.O. Salad, and vodka, or an Open Dessert any combination of three dessert servings of your heart’s desire.

By potatoes any style, I mean french fries, chips (unsalted are available at health food stores), hashbrowns, or even eggless latkes, also known as potato pancakes. You name it, as long as it isn’t contaminated with so.much as a smidgen of protein or a dash of salt. Yes, you can have two tablespoons of butter.

Daniel Craig Workout Routine Diet Plan

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