The Darth Vader Car by Hot Wheels

Ifyou though Darth Vaderwas dangerous, check out this awesome ride! No, this isn’t the new Batmobile although it seems like something coming out of a really dark place; what you’re probably amazed by right now is the latest project from Hot Wheels, the very unique and special Darth Vader car. I wonder if Princess Leia would enjoy a ride in this dark beast? I’m guessing she would!

Sure, the Star Wars universe was way too vast for cars to find their place or purpose, but although the Sith Lord had no need for such a ride, it’s surely welcomed in our minds. Can you imagine Darth Vader cruising passed his troops, opening the hatch and ask for a fill-up and a clean windshield? That’s a bit saved for Space Balls 2, I guess. The vehicle is shaped like a massive Vader helmet, but don’t let it’s bulky silhouette fool you, since the car is supposedly packing some serious muscle under the hood.

The Darth Vader car was equipped with a 526 horsepower Chevy LS3 V8 engine, so the force is strong with this one.But don’t get excited to fast, it’s not like you’re gonna get to enjoy the roaring V8 being heard through the twin-tip, center exiting exhaust out back, since this is just a one-off designed specifically for San Diego Comic Con. If you’re rich enough., who knows, right?

The Darth Vader Car by Hot Wheels Photo Gallery

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