David Beckham Styles, Hairstyles, Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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David Beckham Diet Plan

When fourteen year old Larry came to Dr. Wozny, he was a nail biting, fidgety adolescent, afraid to sleep without a light on, plagued by assorted aches and pains. The prescribed high calcium diet had the boy feeling much better in three weeks. Larry, skeptical by nature, found it hard to believe a mere change in diet could be responsible for so dramatic an improvement. He cheated to see if his “shrink” had fooled him with “chemical mumbo jumbo”; in three days all of his old symptoms, including stiff neck muscles, were back. Now fully convinced, he promised to stick to his calcium rich diet.

A tiny decrease of calcium in the blood can produce uncontrollable temper outbursts. The very young are extremely vulnerable. Babies have been known to hold their breath and turn blue; toddlers often have outrageous tempers. If a youngster tends to have tantrums, the distracted mother might well consider the possibility of calcium deficiency before deciding her “behavior problem” needs a good spanking.

Calcium deficiencies generally sneak up slowly. Normally the body protects itself from blood level fluctuations by drawing upon bone and muscle reserves. If this were not so, one day on a low calcium diet would result in erratic nervous reactions. But the nervous system cannot continue “stealing” calcium indefinitely; eventually the balance must be restored with calcium rich foods.

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