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They say, metaphorically, that as one door shuts another one opens. This is most definitely the case in the changing of the guard for Knit and Crochet Now! hosts. Last June it was announced that longtime host Brett Bara would be leaving the show to focus both on her own business, Brooklyn Craft Company, and her recently expanded family with the addition of twin girls, Rickie and Margot.

With this departure, we welcome a new host with a prolific career to boot. That new host is Deborah Norville. With over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and journalism, not to mention an avid love of needlework, Deborah couldn’t be a better fit to take the reins of the Emmy-nominated TV show. Deborah Norville’s career started on a whim, really. A high school student with ambitions to study law, Deborah decided to enter the Whitfield County (Georgia) Junior Miss Pageant one weekend before her SAT testand she won! Even more incredible is that her talent was sewing. A sewer amongst the masses of tap dancers and singers won the pageant and, thus, her fascination with TV production coupled with her love of research propelled her into a career as a TV reporter.

Her illustrious career started as a reporter at WAGA-TV 5 where she began working before she had even graduated college. At age 23 she decided to leave her home state of Georgia to move north. She found herself in the windy city of Chicago, working at WMAQ-TV. Deborah started as a general assignment reporter and worked her way up to become the afternoon news anchor.

In January 1987, Deborah found herself in New York as the anchor of NBC’s News at Sunrise at the age of 28. She worked in New York for a few years, eventually co-hosting The Today Show with Bryant Gumbel before taking a break from TV and entering into motherhood with her first child, Niki. A couple years later she returned to the screen where she has remained entrenched ever since.

Deborah Norville isn’t just an Emmy award winning journalist, she’s also a bestselling author with seven published works under her belt, one of which is a knitting book titled Knit with Deborah Norville. Norville has always been an avid crafter; she loves sewing, knitting, crocheting, macram , embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitchone could definitely call her a needlework powerhouse.

She learned to knit at the age of 8, and she has said that it was these needlework pastimes that have kept her sane in the oftentimes crazy world of journalism and broadcasting. In 2008, this vein of passion caused Deborah to partner with Premier Yarns to create her own collection of high-quality and supersoft yarns entitled the Deborah Norville Collection. The collection started with just four yarns and now boasts over 20 yarns and counting!

Her yarn collection features both acrylic and natural fibers in all yarn weights including an alpaca-blend yarn, Alpaca Dance, that is a favorite yarn at Creative Knitting for its soft touch and wearability. Deborah’s Everyday Soft Worsted is the only anti-pilling yarn available in the U.S. market. As a woman, crafter and writer, I look up to Deborah Norville in many ways, and it was a distinct honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to write this spotlight feature about a true entrepreneur and paragon of the industry. With the departure of our beloved original host, Brett Bara, we can look towards the future and know that things are in good hands with Deborah Norville leading the way.

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