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“Mental” Illness: The Twilight Zone
Nobody would ever call Bobby Perkins (not his real name) a “mental” case. Most people would probably consider him an average guy.
A successful thirty seven year old building contractor, he credits his achievements to “drive” and an understanding of human nature: Tm not afraid of hard work, and I never let anyone get too close to me. You just can t trust people except, maybe your wife. He realizes he has some destructive habits: “Sometimes I’ll booze it up all day, with no one the wiser. Once in a while I go on a bender. Sometimes I don’t feel like drinking at all. I guess I smoke too much, but hell, it takes the edge off things.”

He’s forgotten what it’s like to feel top notch: Tm not too bad off. A lot of people are probably in worse shape. Maybe I go at things too hard. I guess I don’t know how to take it easy. A man with a family to support has to really keep pushing or else. I never told anyone before, but sometimes I feel like I’m going to crack up.”

Mr. Perkins’s case history divulged a number of other difficulties: frequent, severe headaches, chronic nervousness, more often depressed than not. He blamed the stress of circumstances for most of his miseries and accepted them as inevitable: “I’ll bet most of the guys in my business feel as rotten as me. They just don’t talk about it.”

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