Demi Moore Workout Routine Diet Plan

Nonphysical Exercise for Week Three: Seeing Yourself As Others See You

Sorry, you don’t. Do you think anyone else focuses on your cellulite? You have devoted your existence to your imperfections. We know where ali our negative parts are. But we never see the wonderful side of ourselves. We refuse to acknowledge our ne w bodies. I want you to start ex amining your beautiful ne w body and watch it emerge. If you don’t own a fulllength min*or, no w is the time to get one. You cannot do the exercises without it, and the exercise is integral to your weight loss.

Spend ten minutes, nüde, in front of your fulllength mirror looking at yourself. What’s the best part of you? Where are you getting thinner? Write it down, or, better yet, brag to someone about it. Is a bridge built before it is someone’s idea? Well how do you expect to create a fab ulous body if you don’t see it?

The hardest part of this experience is ignoring the parts you always chose to see in the past THE FAT. As soon as you catch yourself back there again, focusing on your fat, just force your attention away. Soon it will be easy to focus on those emerging hip bones and slimmer thighs, and before you know it, there won’t be any bad parts left.

Demi Moore Workout Routine Diet Plan

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