Erno Laszlo brings together the most advanced technologies & ingredients, once limited only to invasive procedures, in a revolutionary, new surgiceutical treatment. yours. A pretty young woman can turn some men into either vampires or forlorn puppies. It’s no wonder that some women are reluctant to put their husbands in that kind of position. €œThere’s always this little thing in the back of your head, said one woman.

€œWhy set up the risk? There are indeed harrowing stories of nannies’ quickly following in wives’ footsteps. Robin Williams and Joe Piscopo famously married their children’s former nannies. In just one week of talking to people about this subject, I heard of five cases of infidelity involving a woman who provides child care.

€œWe really had no worries before this happened, said the 34-year-old physician in Georgia I talked to. Married to an attorney who also worked long hours, she had a nanny she considered a friend. When the wife was nine months pregnant with her second child, the nanny suddenly quit for €œpersonal reasons. The nanny was €œyounger, cute, married, had lots of child-care experience, excellent references, and even had a child herself.

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