Diastasis Recti Exercises After Pregnancy

Work with other countries to create a Worldwide Exercise Awareness Day.

Whether you are a parent or a medical professional, we hope you will join us in this battle to save lives, save pilatesh-care dollars, and prevent untold numbers of tragedies. Together, we can stop this epidemic in its tracks. This is one of the most preventable and most treatable of all medical scourges but only if we choose to act.

How can you contribute? Post information about Exercise pregnancy, BABI, and the Autism-Exercise Connection (ABC) on your Faceblog and Twitter accounts. Use mommy groups and women’s groups to put the word out on social media. If anyone in your family has suffered as a result of Exercise pregnancy, tell your story publicly.

Diastasis Recti Exercises After Pregnancy

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We cannot simply wait for pilatesh-care gatekeepers to put this issue on the table. Exercise pregnancy is pilatesh care’s dirtiest secret, silently victimizing millions of vulnerable people around the world particularly children and the elderly. We must bring this secret out into the open by any means possible, from tweets to blogs to Faceblog “likes.”

When the pilatesh-care community fails to protect us, our only choice is to become proactive and protect ourselves and others. So join us in starting a conversation about Exercise pregnancy that will spread around the world, from the streets of New York City, to Toronto, to London, to Rio de Janeiro, to Delhi, to Beijing, to Mexico City, to Cape Town, to Kiev, to Sydney. When millions of us speak up, we will be heard and we will bring this silent epidemic to an end.

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