Diet advices

Breakfast: Fruit or 4 ounces juice; 1 or 2 eggs with or without two slices of bacon or ham; only one slice of any bread or toast but with plenty of butter or oleomargarine; beverage.
2 Hours after Breakfast: 8 ounces juice or milk.

Lunch: Meat, fish, cheese or eggs; salad (large servings of lettuce, tomato, or Waldorf salad with mayonnaise or French dressing); vegetables if desired; only one slice of any bread with butter or oleomargarine; dessert; beverage.

2 or 3 Hours after Lunch: 8 ounces milk.
1 Hour Before Dinner: 4 ounces juice.,
Dinner: Soup if desired (not thickened with flour); liberal portion of meat, fish, or poultry; vegetables; only one slice of bread if desired but with plenty of butter or oleomargarine; salad; dessert; beverage.
Every 2 Hours until Retiring: 8 ounces milk and or a small handful of nuts or 1 or 2 saltines but must be with cheese or peanut butter.

If Wakeful during Night: Eat a high protein snack. Meat, or milk, or nuts, or 4 ounces of allowable juice may be taken hourly through the day if underweight or if symptoms are severe.

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