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This fifteen year old boy was suffering several psychological disturbances when we first saw him: he worried a great deal; his feelings were easily hurt; he got upset at the slightest criticism; he was on guard, even with close friends; he was easily upset or irritated. In his words, “little annoyances get on my nerves and make me angry, and I get angry when someone tells me what to do.” He also reported finding most people both annoying and irritating.

Maybe he sounds like your own teen ager, or the Dennis the Menace next door.
After putting this boy on the Optimal Diet, we analyzed his before and after nutrient changes and found that they ranged from an increase of 825 percent to a decrease of 78 percent. Of the seventeen essential brain cell nutrients, we analyzed thirteen; of these, eleven increased and six more than doubled.
Here is the way she decribed herself:

Tm nervous, shaky, my work falls to pieces whenever anyone is watching me or talks to me. I’m confused, I’m afraid when alone, usually unhappy and depressed, have frequent crying spells I’m always miserable and blue, and often wish I were dead and away from it all. Worrying gets me down, and I’m shy and sensitive. Even my best friends consider me a touchy person, and people usually misunderstand me. I stay on guard all the time and always do things on sudden impulse. I usually feel as if I am ready to go to pieces at a moment’s notice, have a violent temper, often shake and tremble because I’m so constantly keyed up and jittery. Sudden noises or movements frighten me and leave me weak or shaky. Many a night

I pop awake after a frightening dream, and I frequently find myself, even during the day, scared for no good reason.”
Was she suffering “midlife crisis”? Seeking her “identity”? Aimless and lost because of her life situation? Our analysis revealed that she was just eating badly. We analyzed her nutrient intake before and after she had been on the Optimal Diet; it varied from an increase of 253 percent to a decrease of 80 percent. Thirteen of the seventeen essential brain eell nutrients were included in this analysis. All thirteen increased, five of them by more than 100 percent

• 4. vitamin Bi +137
• 5. vitamin B& +135
6. total protein + 87
• 7. magnesium + 83
• 8. vitamin B2 + 72
9. iron + 63
10. potassium + 51
11. iodine + 48
12. fat + 46
13. animal protein + 43
14. lysine + 36
15. methionine + 29
16. vitamin A + 22
17. pantothenic acid + 20
18. phosphorus + 20
19. vitamin D + 19
20. iso leucine + 18
21. phenylalanine + 14
22. leucine + 12
23. tryptophane + 12
24. threonine + 12
25. valine + 11
26. refined carbohydrates + 11
27. calcium + 9
28. calories + 7
29. total carbohydrate 3
30. sodium 10
31. vegetable protein 13
32. vitamin E 16
33. unrefined carbohydrates 19
34. polyunsaturated fatty acids 70
35. % polyunsaturated to saturated fat 80

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