Diet Choice and Choice Diets

In the past, we dieters had two choices, both torturous. One, we could cut out calories to the bone and suffer the possible health consequences. Or, two, we could hone our appetite to the nothing via the dangerous little “rainbow” pills doled out by the thousands by probably innocent physicians who had other “more important” ailments to cure. Those little rainbows are nothing more than amphetamines “speed.” The same dangerous drug you hear so much about when the drug problem is being discussed. And you’ve probably got some speed if you’ve ever been a dieter lurking right there in your medicine cabinet.

In December 1972, a news story maintained that, if junior is a junkie, chances are he got started on the stuff by experimenting with the pills from his mother’s medicine shelves. It seems that’s how it starts in most cases. If your medicine chest is loaded with reducing aids, you are simply setting up drug shop for your child. Learn about drugs at home? Believe me, this is one lesson you don’t want your children to hear first from their parents!

indir (1)Amphetamines are among the most addictive of all drugs. Fortunately, moves are being made to have them severely restricted. Possibly that innocent (and it usually is) doctor’s hand will be stayed a bit before he freely and haphazardly prescribes amphetamines. Particularly if it goes down on his record, and his patient’s, as part of a “drug profile” something the United States government is considering at this time. That would mean that druggists would, by law, have to record each and every drug prescribed by a doctor for any particular patient and then keep progressive records of each refill of that prescription. That way, if a drug problem is building up, the druggist will see it and notify the physician who prescribed. Sometimes it seems to me that the Federal government’s long arm reaches too far. This time, it’s got a sound idea. Prevent drug addiction before it begins. For, occasionally, the addiction can begin with that innocent little amphetamine-loaded diet pill. Just remember that “speed” does kill.

Why not forget amphetamines and stick with us for two sensible, safe, and tested diets that will make you lose all right. If, and only if, you have decided to stick with it and lick fat.

The two diets are the high protein low carbohydrate (notice we said, high protein, not high fat) and the low calorie, aided and abetted by four fabulous discoveries for the road to thin. Get with one of them and stay there until you’re where you think your body ought to be!

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