Diet exchange list for weight loss

So you’ll have a menu that goes like this:



Orange juice

Coffee, tea, milk for the kids (none for you)

Cereal (something wholesome, never empty, and preferably wheat germ)


Bacon, ham, sausages

Toast with butter or polyunsaturated margarine (good for everyone)


Wheat germ and lecithin with cream on top Coffee, tea, with sweetener (no sugar) and/or heavy cream

Eggs, with polyunsaturated margarine (to hurry the fat off) or butter Bacon, ham, or sausages

(You see how little you have to give up?)

For lunch, you can eat something like this:

Broth (never any cream soups on this diet!)

Fish or fowl, broiled or baked, or any other meat as long as it’s pure meat Salad Cheese

Coffee with or without cream, definitely without sugar dinner :

Try this: Give your family any meal they’d like, but don’t plan one that’s all starch such as the one that almost wrecked my diet. Remember? Allow yourself, the dieter, some room to move. Your family can eat the potatoes while you simply omit them. And the bread. And the desserts.

How about Family:


Lamb chops

Rice and French string beans with almonds Broccoli with hollandaise Green salad

Coffee or tea and milk for the kids

Homemade applesauce (unsweetened for health’s sake)


Lamb chops

French string beans with almonds or broccoli with hollandaise sauce Green salad

Coffee or tea with or without cream, no sugar

Unsweetened homemade applesauce (stay under the 10-gram amount!)

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