Diet Secrets of Celebrities



DAY 1 Watermelon. If you are stili up, do the next two days.
DAY 2 Pineapple and three bananas
DAY 3 Watermelon
Remember that “open” means anything. The above are considered to Incilide a “mishamishima” grease, sugar, salt, the works.

Conscious Combining involves not only knowing what does and does not go together, but also knowing what coun teracts what. With the Beverly Hills Diet, you have a rem edy, and you know how to use it. Remember, I took some simple physical laws and synthesized them into a diet one that can work for you forever.

But remember, too, that I promised no magic. In order to maintain, you are going to have to plan in advance for what you want to eat. As I will explain more fully later in this chapter, it’s best to work out your eating schedule a week at a time.

Keep in mind that your diet should be made up of about 50 percent carbs, 30 percent fats, and 20 percent protein.

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