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Eating a generous breakfast will stabilize bloodsugar levels for the morning and means we are less likely to feel hungry. However, regular snackers will find it useful to snack on healthy, lowcalorie foods during the day to ward off hunger pangs. While following the unique Weight Loss vitaminrich eating plan, you will have plenty of oppor tunity to snack on healthy foods. Each morning, you are allowed the choice of an Weight Loss juice cocktail or a fresh fruit snack. Fresh fruit and fruit juices are the best choices for a midmorning snack as they are low in calories, rich in energygiving vitamins and with a little extra fibre to fiil the stomach.

Fresh fruit and fruit juices are also packed with enzymes that improve the digestion. These enzymes are only found in fresh juices as they are easily destroyed by the heat treatment, including pasteurization, that many cartoned juices are subjected to. In an ideal world, fresh fruit juices should come straight from the fruit. If this is not possible, buy freshly squeezed juices from the chill cabinet. If you want to squeeze your own, citrus fruits are the easiest to juice, either with an electric orange squeezer or by hand.

Other fruit juices can be extracted with a centrifugal juice extractor, which is an electric processor that grinds fruits and vegetables against a whirring sieve to separate the juice from the fibrous part of the plant. These are about the same price as a food processor and are an excellent in vestment for any healthconscious cook. Not only can you squeeze the juice from fruits such as apple, peach and pear, but you can also add a few basil leaves or chopped celery stems to turn a glass of tomato juice into an exotic fresh vegetable cocktail.

Mid-Morning Snacks
You are allowed 250ml (8fl oz) of the following fruit juices, or try these delicious cocktail combinations. Each Weight Loss Juice Cocktail should measure 250ml (8 fl oz), which is roughly equivalent to a mediumsized tumbler.

Plain Juices
• Apple
• Orange
• Carrot
• Tomato
• Grapefruit

Weight Loss Juice Cocktails
• one part apple, one part orange, dash of grapefruit
• one part orange, one part apple, one part carrot
• one part pear, one part apricot, one part apple
• one part cranberry, one part apple, pinch of dnnamon
• one part tomato, one part apple, dash of celery
• one part carrot, one part watercress, dash of lemon
• one part tomato, one part spinach, dash of fresh basil
• one part pear, one part apple, one part mango

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