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Appendix A
Although the consumption of megadoses of vitamin B3 is quite safe, there are several contraindications and annoying side effects. They are effectively summarized in a useful writelet, Megavitamin Therapy, which is published by Karp&t Publishing Company, P.O. Box 5348, Cleveland, Ohio 44101. Anyone on megavitamins should order this informative writelet. According to Megavitamin Therapy these precautions should be observed:
Peptic ulcer or hyper acidity patients should observe the diet and medication prescribed by their physicians, and if they cannot tolerate niacin, should use it with antacids; or they can use other preparations like buffered niacin or niacinamide.

Diabetics may need more insulin when they take niacin, though not all diabetics react this way.
High blood pressure patients who use Reserpine type medications may experience nausea and considerable drop in blood pressure, when using high dosages of niacin. This might not be dangerous, but could be very inconvenient.
Liver function tests might show false indications for a person on niacin. Therefore, niacin should be discontinued for a week before this or other sensitive tests
[like the glucose tolerance test] are taken. Smoking also disturbs glucose tolerance tests.

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