Dieting for belly fat

Don’t Just Sit There!

Do something. Anything as long as it means moving. For one thing is sure. A sedentary life makes for sedentary fat . . . fat that just sits there, usually on your bottom, where you most certainly don’t want it to remain. You sit and the fat sits, too.

I have found to my amazement that, whenever I go on holiday, even to a place like my Alabama home, where life moves on four wheels and a walk just might get you arrested. (Try it in California:

I’ve known people who were stopped for walking and termed “suspicious characters” what has this country come to?)
For these days walking isn’t the norm in most places outside of the big cities. Never mind. When I hit my Southern country and that Southern cooking, I tend to lose both weight and inches, no matter how much fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and biscuits, gravy, and grits I may consume.

Dr. Robert Atkins admits that even he, the paragon of no-carbohydrate diet virtue, cheats (those are his very words, but don’t you try it) when he goes on vacation. He vacates his diet theory as well and even goes over the hill to the point of soft drinks. Knowing what he has taught me, no vacation will ever get me to that low a diet life again.

The fact remains that, no matter how motionful your day to day routine may be (and believe me, the pace of a newspaper reporter can get fast, indeed), there’s still a certain amount of sitting down involved.
And for some reason, sitting down in a car is a more fat-moving experience than sitting at a desk. Perhaps all that jostling has the same effect as an exercise machine? (Have you ever noticed that car, plane, or train trips can bring on the same hungers as exercise?)

The point I want you to remember is that when your life is sedentary, watch that diet and that scale even more closely. When you’re on vacation, still watch it. But if you’re sitting at home (or sitting down on the job), just watch out!

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