Doutzen Kroes Diet and Workout Plan

You will not only acknowledge your food fantasies, you will fulfill them. You’re going to eat to your heart’s content without eating your heart out. You are going to get away with murder without serving a life sentence. I am not going to give you a strict diet with lists of foods you can’t have. Rather, I am going to give you the tools to make slimhood a forever reality.

You will apply these tools to your own lifestyle, your own world, your own eating. Your diet will be a dream come true because it will include ali the foods that have always caused you to break other diets. These foods are important to you, othervvise, you wouldn’t have blown every other diet you’ve been on to eat them. Well, you won’t have to blow this diet because c,.j’it will be built around ali your favorite foods.

You are about to experience a methodology combined fe v with a philosophy, a way of relating to food that will ensure etemal slimhood. There is more to eating than meets the stomach, more to food than meets the mind. Of course, no matter how effective my diet, you have to care. I can’t make you lose weight and gain energy. You must do that. You have to embark on a love affair with yourself and with food. Begin today. Embrace and accept what you love so much. Let food work for you. You don’t have to fight it anymore.

It is no longer the enemy. You have already taken that critical first step. If you didn’t care, if you weren’t motivated, you wouldn’t have read this far, vvould you? My hope is that my philosophy will enter your con sciousness and alter it immeasurably and forever. Remember, you don’t have to be fat anymore, and you never have to be fat again.

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