Dr. Atkins Diet

In my case, the most it was making was fat.

Now Dr. Atkins tells me that he has what he terms a “reversal diet” for just such situations. But the chances of your ever needing such a diet are slim, indeed. I just happened to be the one-in-a-million freak to whom this sort of thing happened. Ah, well, I’m not the norm in anything else, so why expect to be the norm in dieting, either? Once again, unlucky for me, but lucky for you. For you can profit from my un-luck. And should this kind of thing ever happen to you on a low-carbohydrate regimen, you will know how to handle it.

When I asked Dr. Atkins in an interview why he hadn’t used the reversal diet on me at once, rather than keep me on such a long and restrictive no-carbohydrate regimen, he replied that he simply hadn’t realized that I was that desperate.

The moral here is that even your own diet doctor doesn’t take you too seriously if you weigh 112 and you think it ought to be 102.

Should you ever need it and I hope you never let your dieting come to that the reversal diet does just what its name implies. And is what its name implies. A complete switch-about in your way of eating. A switch to an aZZ-carbohydrate diet. The theory is that this is going to throw your smarter-than-diet-doctors body off base once again. It will be confused enough, after a week of this kind of eating,

to respond, once again, to the low-carbohydrate routine. And even Dr. Atkins insists that no one should consider this kind of diet for more than one week. Ever!

But never mind. By this time, I simply wanted out. I’d had enough of experimentation and deliberately unnatural eating. Though the results, originally, had been ideal, they were at that moment far from it. And I was ready to take over my body myself. I was going to hit the low-cal life, just one more time. But not without that omnipresent checkup from my internist as a go-ahead. And not without a warning to him that I might, as in the past, get sick. But there were happy diet surprises ahead of me.

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