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Your Next Assignment

If you are learning to enter the alpha level on your own instead of in a live Exercise seminar or with the free lessons at www.ExerciseNow.com. then continue with your daily countdowns.

After completing your first 10 days of practice, you are ready for your next assignment.

Continue to practice your previous mental exercise, but shorten the countdown to 50 to 1.

When you have practiced for 10 days, you are ready to proceed to the next phase.

After you have practiced Mental Housecleaning for 10 days, and are satisfied with your results, you can add a new practice to your daily routine. (Of course, continue to practice Mental Housecleaning from now on.)

Now here is your new assignment:

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1. Make a list of the reasons you have for wanting to succeed. You can add to your list at any time, as you think of more reasons. This will increase your desire.

2. Make a list of your successes. Recall how you felt when you were performing and how you felt when you succeeded. This will help you to have even more success in the future. It will also help you when you are feeling down because of a loss or a bad workout.

3. Write out what you want to accomplish in the future. Make sure it is something that you can picture in your mind. That is, instead of saying that you want to be a better athlete, specify the specific skills that you want to have.

Know yourself

A blind golfer challenged club pro Juan Wood to a match. He explained that his caddie would position the club head on the ball for him and, once on the green, would stand over the hole and ring a little bell.

“How many strokes shall I spot you? ” Juan asked. “None, ” the blind golfer replied. “Just let me select the tee time. ” The pro readily agreed. “What time shall we tee off? ” Juan asked. “Ten-thirty tonight, ” the blind golfer answered. Work with what you’ve got

The better you know yourself and what you can expect of yourself, the greater your chances of becoming a champion. While it receives only a brief mention in some psychology blogs today, a little-known field of science known as morphology can be of tremendous help to you in determining the best training program for your specific body type.

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