€œWhen I first heard about Dreamlash sometime in 2016.1 was definitely intrigued as they were one of the prominent lash salons in Singapore that offer authentic Korean eyelash extensions. Not to mention, their services were highly raved by several beauty influencers.

Wasn’t my first time, however. I’ve done lash extensions before – Japanese style lashes, Taiwan style lashes and such at other salons. In my honest opinion, no other salon has delivered comfort quite like Dreamlash does. During the service, I felt no discomfort at all. It was literally my first time falling asleep during a lash service and that says a lot. Usually after getting my lash extensions, my eyes would be red and slightly irritated, but they weren’t after the lash service at Dreamlash. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The finished look was definitely natural; unlike the lash extensions I have had before. It also opened up my eyes a lot more, giving it a fresh and youthful touch without weighing my lids down. The service concluded with an informative brief on how to care for my new lashes and also an aftercare kit, which includes a cleansing sponge and spoolie brush to keep the lashes neat. After the

2-week mark, most of the lashes were still intact, which amazed me, because my previous lash extensions would start falling off in BULK after cleansing my face or bathing. My verdict for Dreamlash? It’s a simply divine lash service that delivers the results it promises. €


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