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Mexican whiskey company, in an initiative they call the Mexico Project. That project exemplifies the brothers’ approach to economic activism. When Chivas asked Apolis to design a tumbler, they decided to upcycle the glass left over from the commercial manufacturing process. Aware that nearly 75% of Mexico’s famed glass-blowing studios have closed over the last decade, the Parton brothers partnered with Studio Xaquixe in Oaxaca to co-design a collection of products using that scrap glass. The resulting pieces cups, bowls and crafts launched as a subscription box in October and has provided Studio Xaquixe’s artists both regular employment and the chance to tap into a whole new marketplace.

Ultimately it’s a win-win for everyone including the consumer. The legacies of the factories, the families behind them, the cultural techniques handed down for hundreds of years all these are incredibly interesting things, Raan smiles. We are the beneficiaries of these stories. 

The seed of a tree became the seed of an empire as JOSIE MARAN built a cosmetics line that’s kind to the skin and kind on the conscience, too.


HERE IS SOMETHING UNUSUAL I ABOUT THE LABELS I AT THE ARTS DISTRICT FLAGSHIP STORE OF APOLIS, THE UP-AND-COMING LOS ANGELES-BASED MENSWEAR DESIGNER. On every price tag whether shirt, belt, jacket or bag you’ll find two unexpected pieces of information, prominently displayed: Country of Origin and Factory Code.

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