DRY Skin Care

If your skin type: DRY SKIN

Today the term ‘skin type’ is something of an anathema. We all know that our skin can change – from greasy one day to dry the next (depending on fluctuating hormones and outside factors like the weather), and that we need to change our skincare routine accordingly. While it is true that Mediterranean skin can be prone to greasiness, or an English rose complexion to sensitivity, remember that ‘it ain’t necessarily so..

If crocodile skin describes your face as well as your handbag, you probably have dry skin. While you do not suffer the acne angst of your oily counterparts, you are a walking advertisement for Old Mother Time. Dry skin tends to age quickly and can be flaky. Although its pores are barely visible, and sebum production is minimal, the idea that dry skin suffers no break-outs is a myth.

Most people try to combat dry skin by saturating it with oil not the best plan if you realize that dry skin is actually thirsty. What it needs is a regular supply of water (taken internally) as well as a boost by using the right face creams.


Yba win the jackpot on the ageing lottery if you suffer from oily slon. But while the unsightly lines and wrinkles of prematureeing are kept at bay until later in life, oily skin presents its owner with something of a paradox. Both the bes: a-c fe orst thing about this skin type (typical of those exions and Mediterranean features), is that it secretes a ot of sebum. On the one hand this natural moistunze protects the epidermis from external aggressors.

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