Drying Your Curly or Coarse Hair

If you have curly or coarse hair, you should realize that the curlier or coarser it happens to be, the wetter your hair should be before you decide to blow dry it. That means, you should not towel dry your hair prior to drying it. Instead, apply some type of smoothing cream before proceeding to section it off and clip it (like in the above section). One particular product you can use is called: Nexxus

Sleekstyle Calming Smoothing Creme. It costs about $15, and it can be applied to curly or coarse hair, right before blow drying it.

For this type of hair, instead of using a round brush (like with the straight or wavy hair), be sure to use a flat paddle brush. However, you should still allow the heat to start from the root, down the length of the hair shaft, in the same manner as previously described. Make sure to pull the hair taut so that it stretches the section of hair smooth when the heat is aimed on it. You can use a nozzle attachment sot that you are able to direct the heat more efficiently. This creates a more precise flow of air onto the hair.

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