Dryness on the Skin After Exercise


If you want your legs to look thinner, apply baby oil, body oil, or a hair serum leg.

Exercise reduces the nerves on the skin. Dehydrating your skin with soap will cause it to dry out even more. If you are drying your skin, use a non-alcoholic tonic or wet wipes instead of soap and cleanser to clean your sweat and sweat after the spore.

When you wear narrow sports dresses, the natural oils in your body combine with sweat and friction to cause acne. For example, if you are a mountaineer, it is quite natural for your back to be spotted because of the pressure that is trapped under your backpack. Here are ways to get rid of this situation:

Immediately after the spray, take a shower and wash your back with a shower gel containing salicylic acid. Then remove it with a peeling aid and apply a pimple with salicylic content again.

Apply to your back (if you have chest parts) 23 times a week with anti-acne masks.

Wear dresses made of natural or sweat absorbent fabric to keep away from your skin.

Avoid narrow dresses until your back is completely dry.

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