Dwayne Diet Plan & Workout Routine


OK, OK! You’ve had it with diets and dieting. You want a week off. You need a Mexican food fîx, a pizza, just a “regular” meal! Blowing It Without Blowing It is giving yourself permission to eat. But, please, eat like a normal person, with one hand, one bite at a time.

Just because something is good doesn’t mean that more is better. If you don’t eat it ali today, it will stili be here tomorrow.

Each bite you take is a commitment. It’s your diet, even when you’re blowing it, because what you choose to eat determines what you have to eat. You can give yourself permission to blow it because you are making a commitment to making it work, eating what you have to eat next to make it work.

Now, you’ll leam how to make even the most fattening food nonfattening. So, Blow It Without Blowing It. Give yourself permission but, if you make it the Last Supper, it will be.

Dwayne Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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