East Coast: Elizabeth Grady Skin Care Salons

East Coast: Elizabeth Grady Skin Care Salons

1-800-FACIALS 30 salons in 5 states: MA, CT, NH, Rl & NY website: www.elizabethgrady.com

“Where Beauty Meets Medicine” John P Walsh, President

Elizabeth Grady skin-care products and services combine the very finest of nature’s ingredients with the most scientifically advanced technologies. From a variety of relaxing healthful facials to microdermabrasion, we bridge the gap between beauty and medicine. Our wide range of skin-care products contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients with superior delivery systems to obtain optimum visible results. Call 1-800-FACIALS or visit us online at www.elizabethgrady.com to learn more about the personalized system of facials and skin-care products prescribed for your individual needs.

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