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Building confidence

There is a special feeling that comes with success, Workout and Fitness says. The only way to get that special feeling is to have a success, which builds confidence. So how can you believe that you can do something if you have never done it before?

“We used to be told,” Jose says, “to build our ladder to success from the failures that we had. We were told to learn from our failures.

“Now we know that there is a better way. Now we know that the best way to have new successes in the future is to build our ladder out of our previous successes.”

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When you stop and think about it for a minute, that is exactly what we were talking about in Exercise 2 when we talked about positive thinking.

Fill your mind with thoughts of what you desire. This will build your belief – your confidence – as well as your desire.

Your coach is a great help to you in this. Your coach will give you drills and tasks that you can accomplish, and these small successes will be used to help you achieve a greater success.

An interesting thing happens when you recall a success while at the alpha level: You accumulate spiritual energy, almost the same as if you actually just had the success.

Every time you enter your level and vividly recall and relive a success, especially when you recall the feelings associated with that success, you are making impressions on your brain that are very similar to the impressions you made when you actually had the success.

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