Effects of Drug Use on Your Beauty

Hair loss is extremely normal, especially if you are using antidepressants due to stress and drug use. The use of Rogain for men is not recommended for hair loss. Women can use birth control pills under the supervision of a doctor. It has been observed that birth control pills have shaken their hair. At the same time, various vitamins and biotin also work.

The use of steroids (a kind of hormone injected into sports people to improve performance and to get rid of fatigue more often after training) may cause fatigue, weight gain and purple cracks in the hair. A number of acne known as steroidal aqueducts are seen especially in the neck and back region. If the acne is not very severe, the clay mask may be applied over three days a week by wiping with a salicylic acid cleaner. If the problem is more serious, consult your doctor.

Oral steroids cause capillary formation. These veins, which form just below the skin, lead to redness. You should make a relaxing bath. Also, choose creams containing chamomile, lavender, K vitamins and liquorice extract.

Drugs used in the treatment of diseases such as epileptic seizures and schizophrenia, such as Sara, cause hair loss and acne. Ask your doctor to change your treatment if your acne rises seriously Chemotherapy and Radiation Talking about cancer treatment in a beauty site is not a very pleasant situation, but we can not say that such treatments are extremely effective in external appearances.

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