Elizabeth Banks Horoscope

Another basically happy month, Gemini. Enjoy.

Like last month, most of the planets are below the Horizon of your chart. The two planets most involved with your career Uranüs and Neptune are both retrograde. Your 4th House of Home and Family gets strong after the 23rd, and will continue to increase in power in the next two months or so. The message is clear: Focus more on attaining emotional harmony and inner peace.

Pay more attention to your family and bringing the home in order. Career seems more or less on hold. Not much you can do about pending issues, as only time will resolve these things. Like last month, this is a good period for building the career on sub jective, inner levels planning, visualizing and affirming desirable manifestations. (In general, retrograde activity increases this month by the 23rd, 40 per cent of the plan ets are retrograde reinforcing everything said above.)

The planets are stili mostly in the East, so this is stili (like last month) a good period for creating conditions as you like them and for bold, independent action. You don’t need the approval of others to be happy. Your happiness will bring approval, and not vice versa. The retrogrades might slow you down, but they won’t stop you. Try to do most of your work before the 23rd.

Elizabeth Banks Horoscope

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