Emma Stone Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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MİLK First, as we ali know, milk of different mammals differs considerably in its composition. What makes us think cows’ milk is suited to human needs? How, by the largest stretch of the imagination, do we resemble cows? Why,

instead, didn’t we fix on goats’ milk, dogs’ milk, llamas’ milk, or pigs’ milk? Simple. Because it wasn’t as com mercially expe.dient.

Consider further. God created us with the thymus gland, which excretes the enzyme necessary to digest milk. By about four years of age most chilcjren begin to lose the use of this enzyme. By puBerty that enzyme is virtually inac tive. The thymus gland has shrunk to the size of a pea and is useless.

A key purpose of milk is to prömote growth, which is certainly necessary for children. But for adults? It’s agreed that one of the reasons Americans are so big is due to our enormous consumption of milkthe growth food.

Emma Stone Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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