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Then, if I don’t have time for the rest, at least I have an expressive face. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they say. First I curl my lashes and apply mascara. I dust the lashes with powder before a second application of mascara; it makes them thicker. Then I apply liner under the eye next to the lashes and extend it past the outer corner, gracefully slanting up. I also line the upper lid, the outside corner only. Smudge with a Q Tip and powder with a small powder brush (square tip, Vfe inch wide).

Emmy Rossum Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Emmy Rossum Info Chart

Style Name Emmanuelle Grey Rossum
Style Birth; September 12, 1986
Style From; New York City, NY
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Single
A-List; B-List

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