Eric Bana Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Mazeltalk: The Final Word

You see? It worked, didn’t it? Those enzymes really work! In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine you could eat the way you did this week and not gain a single pound?

After completing Week Six, to continue losing you have two options: Go back to Week Two, and follow through Phase Two for the quickest possible weight loss; or, you can simply repeat Weeks Four and Five indefınitely. While the weight loss will be slightly slower, psychologically it will be easier to stick with because you’ll have more choices.

Go back to Week One only if you have really gorged for more than a month. To optimize weight loss, don’t go on Week Six more often than every six weeks.

If maintenance is now your goal, move on to the program outlined in Chapter VI. Congratulations, skinny! You proved me right again, and I’m proud of you.

Eric Bana Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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