Erika Jayne Style Fashion & Looks

So you think you know more than the experts? he countered. No, I said, but I want to look like myself, and I think I’m the best expert on that subject. Fortunately, he seemed to accept my plea, told me he liked my spirit, and we became friends. The poor makeup artist who did me the first day never came near me again. He handed me a powder puff and told me I was on my own; and, like the man said, I have been ever since. Of course, I owe a debt to many talented makeup artists over the years, who have added refinements, pointed out errors, taught me about lighting, and watched and protected me on camera as no one else could; and to them I am eternally grateful. At any rate, I learned a lot and did become an expert, so to speak.

Erika Jayne Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Erika Jayne Info Chart

Style Name 1969
Style Birth; Atlanta, Georgia
Style From; Atlanta, Georgia
Style Occupations; American Dance/Electronica singer/dancer
Style Relationship; Single
A-List; B-List

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Erika Jayne Style Fashion & Looks

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