Erin Heatherton Diet Plan Workout Routine

Erin Heatherton Diet Plan

Our prescription for Mrs. S. included an immediate change to an optimal diet carefully designed to reestablish a proper chemical environment in brain and body cells. In addition, we prescribed a single supplement to be taken at each meal, containing all of the essential and several of the so called nonessential nutrients. A combination of niacin (vitamin B3), pyridox ine (vitamin B6), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin B12, and d alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) in megadose quantities was also added to Mrs. S s new diet.

In two months, as we have said, a calm and happy woman walked out of our office.
Even if hers were a unique case, it would not be without significance. Doctor W. Shute, a renowned cardiologist and director of the Shute Foundation for Medical Research, recently told one of us: “Even one miracle cure shows the efficacy of a novel therapy. One should not have to prove its effectiveness over and over again to gain acceptance.”

As matters stand, however, Mrs. S s case is not unique. Thousands of instances in which nutritional therapy successfully combated a variety of emotional problems rest in our files. These cases are important evidence of the part that diet plays in mental health.
They also bring us to the crucial question of this chapter: what does cause mental and emotional illness? Let us study that question before we further explore the prospects for nutritional cures.

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