Essentiel Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook

Already a veteran of leading swing bands, the year old saxophonist made his mark in with a famous solo on Woody Herman’s Early Autumn’. Though only eight bars long, its floating lyricism established the distinctive Getz sound. During the s he was one of jazz’s biggest names, and in the early s he achieved serious commercial status when he became synonymous with the infectious, tuneful rhythms of the bossa nova. But the more bankable he became, the more some purists tended to sneer. Getz’s fluent style was variously dismissed as a mere imitation of the great Lester Young and emotionally anaemic’, criticism which intensified with the rise of the more aggressive genres of hard bop, fusion and free. Yet Getz continued to follow his own course and talent, equally indifferent to jazz fashion and top formulae. The result was the gradual acknowledgement of his real stature as a jazz voice, abiding and evolving.

Essentiel Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

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