Etro Spring Summer 2015 Collection – Milan Fashion Week

Sporting an Armani blouse and an antique Rolex, she’s all Westernized good cheerat one point, she even gives me a high five. Before she got into movies, Zhang was a classically trained dancer, and this background, says Marshall, was essential to her playing Sayuri. “This was a hard role to cast because the requirements are so enormous. The actress has to be beautiful. She has to be able to age from fifteen to 40. She has to be able to dancebrilliantly. And she has to be a great actress. Ziyi is all that. Something I learned from Neil Simon on Broadway was this: He said. Actors claim their roles.’ And Ziyi just reached out and said. ‘This is mine.’ ” To play Sayuri, Zhang not only had to spend hours every day getting into her makeup and kimonos, she also had to prep herself by going through six weeks of geisha boot camp. “We worked on everythingtalking, dancing, singing, playing Japanese musical instruments, and learning the tea service. We even had to leara to walk like a geisha. We would have to hold a book between our knees and walk like that.” She giggles. “You make very small steps!” Until this year, most Americans knew of Zhang only for her acrobatic rolesthe impulsive troublemaker in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the blind dancer in House of Flying Daggersbut as she proved with her passionate turn in Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, she’s a remarkably talented actress whose work keeps getting richer and deeper. The role of Sayuri expands her range even more, for the disciplined refinement demanded of a geisha forces her to convey her most heartfelt feelings with the merest ripple of expression. “Ziyi makes Sayuri’s character complicated and alive,” Marshall says, “because she’s got that real inner fire.”

By contrast, the character of Hatsumomo is bursting with outer fireworks. Mean, sexy, and years ahead of her time, this is one geisha who takes her desire to the point of self-destruction. It’s a great first English-speaking role for Gong, whose starring turns in Raise the Red Lantern and Farewell My Concubine did more than anything to open up the West to Chinese movies. In person, Gong is also a force of natureshe can ravish you with a smile or shrivel you with a glanceand everyone I met from Memoirs couldn’t stop talking about the sheer force of her physical presence.
Etro Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – Milan Fashion Week

Etro Spring Summer 2015 Collection – Milan Fashion Week Photo Gallery

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