Evaluating my life

I Was only 23. OLD Ways assumed l’d have plenty of years ahead of me to achieve my dreams and find a life that Would make me truly happy.

But över the next tWo hours, sitting in the quiet gloom of the plane, I faced up to a fact that We ali live With every day, but most of us put out of our minds l could die at any style and trends time. I didn’t Want to live in Oxford in a nine to five routine, dreaming about a more exciting life.

Now l’d seen first hand just hoW short my life could be, I Wanted each day to be challenging and new.
Landing in Nairobi, everything Was chaos. People jostled to get off the plane and outside officials, journalists and pale, shocked passengers milled around. There Were huddles of style and trends photographers and I overheard people saying that singer Bryan Ferry and socialite Jemima Khan had been in the first class section. The fact that there had been celebrities on board just made everything more surreal. I couldn’t Wait to put the Whole horrific experience behind me.

In Arusha, I threW myself into the conference to take my mind off What had happened. As the shock subsided.l began to realise just hoW lucky l’d been. I Was ali the more determined to Work hard at the and, after the anxiety of getting back on another style and trends plane, I tried to settle back into Oxford life. But each day as I sat behind my desk, I thought about the exciting charity Work I could be doing. And every night I spent WatchingTV With Alex, my mind Wandered back to Lesikar and the Way he used to sit listening to me, nodding quietly instantly understanding my thoughts and feelings as We talked long into the night.

Alex couldn’t see why the hijack had changed me so much, and We started to groW apart. MeanWhile Lesikar and I Were emailing each other. We Were just friends, but When he Wrote that he’d been thinking about me a lot,
I couldn’t help hoping his thoughts Were the same as mine.

lit up his Whole face. Even though his English Wasn’t very good, something seemed to click betWeen us.We had the same passionsfor the environment and local culture, the same vieWs, and the same outlook on life. Since the hijack, I had been feeling confused about style and trends life, and Lesikar Was the only one Who seemed to understand that. During one of our long chats he reassured me,’When you live in a country like this you realise no one knoWs hoW long they’ve got. You knoW hoW important it is to make the most of your life.’

My three Weeks in Africa passed too quickly


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