Evangeline Lilly Workout Routine Diet Plan

The Tip Sheet: Your Daily Bread

On Day 1, eat as much pineapple as you want ali day long. You’11 probably eat at least t\yo pineapples. Then eat your two bananas. Don’t forget the twohour wait, and don’t eat them too early or you’ll have nothing left to eat for later. As I mentioned, you might even want to take them to bed with you.

On Day 2, six to nine papayas is not excessive.

On Day s 4 and 7, plan for at least an entire big water melon. Eat the strawberries on Day 4 and the apples on Day

7 only if you have totally exhausted ali possible watermelon sources.

On Day 5, if you can’t find fresh blueberries, frozen are fine.

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