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A good dermatologist will take the time to look at your entire skin surface and closely examine all your moles. She may take photographs of suspect moles to monitor changes over time. Some dermatologists now use a special magnifying tool called a dermatoscope, although the best use of the scope is still being studied. If you are particularly worried about a mole, bring it to your doctor’s attention. If it’s suspicious, she may biopsy the mole under local anesthesia in the office and send the sample to a pathology lab for analysis.

Even if you determine that you’re not at particular risk, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with your skin and its markings and also to establish a relationship with a dermatologist. “It’s easier to call someone whom you’ve met before and who knows your skin if you have any questions,” says Dr. Bolognia. And in the case of melanoma, it’s far better to be safe than sorry. The EPA recommends that sunscreen be used and a hat and sunglasses be worn whenever you are in the sun. As Szczecina says, “I think of all my girlfriends casually lying out in the sun, and I want to ask them, ‘Is it worth the risk?’ ”

Mary Crowley is a health and medical writer living in Brooklyn.

Monthly water bloat. Your jeans don’t buttonl’You can’t get your rings on and off. You feel bloated and miserable. You think you have to live with it, but you don’t.

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Today’s Aqua-Ban has a diuretic so effective you need only one tablet per dose to relieve the bloating and swelling and help eliminate the temporaiy water weight gain. In no time your clothes will fit and you’ll look and feel like yourself again.

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