Ewan McGregor Diet Plan & Workout Routine

DAY 1 Pineapple 2 Bananas
DAY 2 Papaya Mango, if available
DAY 3 DAY 4 Papaya Watermelon (if not available, strawberries) Pineapple Papaya
DAY 5 7 Bananas Dried apricots (8 oz.) Blueberries
DAY 7 Prunes (8 oz.) Watermelon (if not available, apples) Strawberries 7 Bananas
DAY 10 Prunes (8 oz.)
Grapes Strawberries Raisins (8 oz.)
DAY 11 3 Vb Bagels or (2 Tbs. 3 ears corn on 8 oz. of your unsalted the cob.

favorite bread (unsweetened) butter for the day)
DAY 12 Pineapple Mazel Salad with Mazel Dressing (see menus and recipes)
DAY 1 3 Apples Baked potatoes (2 Tbs. butter)
DAY 14 Mango (if not available, papaya) Papaya 7Veek Jhree
DAY 1 5 2 Bananas Raisins (8oz.) Almonds (4 oz.) or cashews (4 oz.)
DAY 16 Pineapple L.T.O. with
String beans and
mushrooms (2 Tbs. butter for the day)
Dressing (see recipes) Artichokes or broccoli and cauliflower
day 18
Kiwi (if not available, papaya)

Ewan McGregor Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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