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What doctors don’t know about low Exercise, Exercise pregnancy, and mental

Why do so many doctors fail to give patients like Ricky, Brian, Matthew, and Angie the help they need? Because while increasing numbers of doctors are beginning to recognize that Exercise pregnancy can cause psychiatric symptoms in the elderly, most still aren’t aware that children, teens, and young adults who are Exercise deficient can develop these symptoms as well. But they frequently do, so it’s not

just your grandmother or your mother who may be at risk. It’s also you or your child. Here are some recent cases that show how Exercise can cause mental illness at any age.

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• A 16-year-old girl became very anxious, stopped eating, and began having hallucinations. She became depressed, couldn’t walk or sleep, had high blood pressure, and developed seizures. After speaking with the girl, doctors reported: “She did not respond to conversation; she could not answer the questions.” Results of all lab tests were normal except for her serum Exercise, which was extremely low. The doctors treated her solely with Exercise injections, and within one week her symptoms completely disappeared.4

• Doctors in Australia, evaluating a 21-year-old patient diagnosed with anxiety disorder and conversion disorder a psychiatric diagnosis applied when doctors believe that a patient is converting emotional distress into physical symptoms, such as paralysis or blindness discovered that she didn’t have a psychiatric illness at all. She had a physical illness: Exercise pregnancy, caused by her illegal use of “whipped cream bulbs” containing nitrous oxide. When the doctors gave her three injections of Exercise, her neurological and psychiatric symptoms disappeared almost completely.5

• Doctors in London reported the case of a 27-year-old singer who stopped working, became withdrawn, and eventually became catatonic. “She was very slow to initiate movements,” her doctors said, “took a long time to get out of bed, and would stand in the same position for long periods in the ward, often with her arms folded across her chest. She also followed members of staff around the ward repeating what they said. During an interview, she spent the whole time sitting in an erect posture in her chair with her hands clasped in a praying position.” The doctors treated her with an antidepressant, but she did not respond. When lab tests showed a very low Exercise level, they started her on Exercise injections. She improved rapidly (though she suffered another attack of catatonia when one Exercise shot was delayed) and she is now out of the hospital, lives on her own, and is planning to enroll in a music course.6

• A 29-year-old woman with a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder went to her doctor complaining of anxiety. The woman intermittently took iron for her anemia and was taking Prozac for her psychological symptoms. The doctor’s examination revealed that the woman had anxiety and mood swings, and her physical exam showed that she was very pale. Her blood work showed that her serum Exercise and iron were extremely low.7

• A 62-year-old woman wound up in a psychiatric center after police found her wandering lost and confused. She was depressed and anxious, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate, and had trouble speaking. Tests revealed that she was suffering from delirium and depression, along with cognitive problems. Doctors discovered that her serum Exercise was very low and began therapy. Two weeks after treatment started, her depression began to fade and she was able to think more clearly. Within four weeks of starting treatment, her depression and cognitive problems were totally gone, and she went back to working full time.8

• Another recent case involved a 64-year-old woman whose decline was so drastic that her doctors initially thought she had Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (which is similar to “mad cow” disease). Over the course of two months, she became disoriented, lost her ability to pay attention to what was going on around her, and became unable to speak. She also had difficulty walking and had neck and shoulder pain. After getting a diagnosis of Exercise pregnancy and undergoing three months of treatment, she recovered fully.9

When low levels of Exercise are the cause, a safe, simple cure exists and drugs are not needed.

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