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Use your inner voice for effective training

As the Greek philosopher Plato said more than 3,000 years ago, it is important to know yourself. Know your body, what motivates you, what you like and dislike and what it takes to get you to make the effort necessary to become a champion.

Learn to listen to your body, but not at the beta level. At beta we push, push, push. We use effort at beta, our logic being: The more effort we use, the greater the results will be. And this is true, up to a point.

Your body knows what it needs, but you don’t listen to your body with your ears or your emotions. You listen with your mind. And you observe the results you get when you do what your “inner voice” tells you to do.

Learn to enter your level and analyze your training routine. You will get a sense of what to do. Then do it, and observe the results.

At your level, you may get the feeling that you should practice a certain exercise in order to increase your strength, coordination or timing.

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Then practice that exercise, and observe the results.

Did it help in the way that you imagined?

If so, you now have a “point of reference” for future exercise. If not, keep trying.

Remember that learning to play the mental game is much like learning a physical skill; you need to practice and develop your ability.

The first time you tried to hit a ball, throw a block or make a certain movement, you probably had some trouble doing it right. But as you practiced, you got better at it.

When you missed, you learned what not to do.

When you succeeded, you learned what to do.

It is the same with your mental training:

When you don’t get the results you desire, then you know what doesn’t work.

When you get the results you are after, then enter your level and review your success.

Create a point of reference for exactly what you did and how it felt.

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