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Workout and Fitness 3- Scenes Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique

In order to solve a problem or reach a goal with the Three Scenes Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, you must first enter your level. Once in your level, imagine that you are in a room where you can watch videos of your performance. Imagine that there are three video monitors in this room They are placed at such a height that you must turn your eyes upwards slightly, about 20 degrees, to look at them

The first monitor, directly in front of you, is numbered Monitor Number 1. The second monitor is to the left of the first one – towards your left – and is numbered Monitor Number 2. The third monitor is still further to the left and is numbered Monitor Number 3.

On the monitor directly in front of you, Monitor Number 1, proj ect an image of the problem or the condition that you desire to change. Project an image of yourself looking or performing a certain way that you would like to change. Study this problem image.

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Now, in Monitor Number 2, imagine yourself doing what is necessary to correct the problem

Mentally picture yourself doing the exercises necessary to bring about your desired end result, and imagine the desired changes beginning to take place.

When you are programming in Monitor Number 2, the center monitor, recall how you feel as you begin to exercise, and imagine your body beginning to respond the way you desire.

As you continue to visualize yourself exercising, recall how you feel when you are halfway through the exercise.

Feel and imagine your muscles growing, becoming more firm Sense unwanted fat being burned as you expend energy.

Feel and imagine your body performing better than before.

Imagine how you look and feel as you complete your exercise.

Imagine the feeling of your muscles responding to the exercise, growing larger, stronger, firmer.

After you have visualized and then imagined yourself exercising and developing the kind of physique and skills you desire, then direct your attention to Monitor Number 3, farthest to your left, and imagine yourself the way you want to be – your desired end result. (If you have already created

such an image when using this workout and fitness technique previously, then use that image.)

You may wish to recall an athlete you admire, and imagine yourself equaling and exceeding this person’s development. Imagine people praising you for your achievement, and imagine these people using you as a role model and imitating the good things you have accomplished.

In the future, any time you happen to think of your project, visualize the “solution image” you have projected onto Monitor Number 3. Once you have created the image of yourself the way you desire to be in Monitor Number 3, you simply recall this image in the future. Recalling something you have imagined is what we refer to as visualization.

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