Exercise Classes For Pregnant

Exercise Classes For Pregnant

Reading 1000’s of websites concerning health and dieting

The conclusion is there are around 50 primary dieting techniques. When those are broken down into sub-categories, hundreds of claimed methods to control weight emerge. When itemized by particular food, exercise, drug, etc., the methods to lose weight suddenly increase into the thousands. In reality, the over consumption of processed sugar, accompanied with a lack of portion control is the main reason for most everyone’s overweight condition (some it is excess starch and oils (frying)). Other conclusive health concerns that help maintain a good weight are physical activities, mental activities, sleep, oxygen, sun, stress elimination, drug reduction, balanced nutrition, proper minerals, vitamins and self-control. HOWEVER, if you just want to lose weight, most people can become not obese, just by removing processed sugar from their diet!

I am not a doctor, but my 20 years in the avionics field required that I have a good grasp on real applied science every day. Moreover, I do not accept a conclusion of “WE THINK THIS IS THE WAY IT WORKS” in these modern times. I carefully select my words so no paid-for (or someone paid to perform defamation and a crime against humanity) can attempt to dispute my claims. This blog will be brief and include just the necessary tools to help a person control their weight in a healthy manner.

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My father was a high school science teacher and had shelves of textblogs from various high schools and his college years. When I graduated from children’s blogs at around age eight or so, I moved to his blogshelves, learning physics and chemistry long before most of my classmates knew that those words existed. I have continued from those days to learn and try to grasp a concept of why rather than regurgitate the many inaccuracies that are paraded as facts.

Before starting any exercise or dieting program, consult a doctor.

There is no nutritional advice in this blog. Most every state in the United States has made it illegal to give nutritional advice without a license and directly one on one consultation.

Simply put, only trained people who regurgitate the global corporate interest are allowed to speak on such topics as nutrition professionally. Within this blog, I will present facts, hypothesis, and theories that best help people regain control of their weight in a healthy manner. This lack of nutritional direction may seem to limit the effectiveness of the content but I feel it is a minor hindrance. No information provided is to be considered consultation but for educational and entertainment to support your efforts.

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