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Anxiety: mind over matter

Scientists identify two different kinds of anxiety:

1. State anxiety: stress reaction caused by outside circumstances that threaten, anger or worry a person.

2. Trait anxiety: a person’s predisposition to experiencing state anxiety when faced with a situation perceived as menacing.

We’ve all heard the saying that we cannot always control what happens, but we can control our reaction to it. The pass may be intercepted and run back for a touchdown. An athlete may fall and lose

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points, or lose a race.

These events can, and do, happen. Personality traits determine how an athlete responds to events like these.

Does the athlete regain his or her composure, or does the mistake worry the athlete so much that he or she cannot perform well after that?

Over the years, people develop ways of reacting to situations. In addition, some personality types are just more prone to worry than others.

Until now, “experts” have said that the only way to modify these behaviors is through long, drawn-out treatment.

You certainly could not expect a 40-hour program, presented over two weekends, to reverse years of behaving a certain way, the “experts” claimed.

But it works.

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